Even after all these years of working as a wedding photographer, I am still always excited, yes even a little nervous, when it´s finally about the time to hand in the gallery. I want to see the bright eyes of my couples, I wanna hold their hands when the first tears come down and I wanna be the first one to ask them what they think. Obviously this is a bit much to ask so honestly, there´s nothing that makes me happier than getting positive feedback from my clients! Thank you, for having me my lovely brides & grooms.


Sarah & John

“Doris is easy, uncomplicated and always smiling. She made me and my husband and all of our guests feel comfortable in front of the camera. We had a lot of fun during our couple session and were absolutely surprised in the end, how she had managed to get so many candid shots, without us even noticing. We will happily recommend her to all of our friends and family. Not just because she´s doing a brilliant job, but also because she got that brilliant personality!”


Andrea & Markus

“We booked Doris for the full day. And we don´t regret a second of it. Doris is reliable, on point and an absolute pro in what she´s doing. She went on location hunt and brought us to the most amazing places for the couple shots- literally genious! We got so many authentic, beautiful shots from the wedding breakfast. All of our friends and families are captured on them, enjoyng themselves and noone even noticed that Doris has been around all time. We are forever grateful for all the memories Doris captured for us on that day.”


Mari & Daniel

“Doris was the best choice as a photographer for us. With her bright personality and her smartish humor we completely forgot how camera shy we usually are. We had a really good time – which is obvious on every single photo. Doris integrated herself perfectly into the group of our guests and family – all of our relatives who got married after us, wanted to book her for their wedding too.”