Doris Himmelbauer is a multi-disciplined photographer working between Linz and London. After several years of professional practice she started her MA in Fine Art Photography at Kingston University, where she graduated in 2015. In 2010 Doris founded “Oh. What A Day”. Since then she documents weddings & destination weddings all over Europe. With a rather minimalistic approach, she captures stories in a very authentic and photo journalistic way.

Doris has worked with numerous agencies, high profile vendors & designers and got international publications in magazines & blogs like Glamour (UK), Perfect Wedding Magazine (USA), Brides (AT, DE & CH) and Aisle Perfect (USA).



I love to mix things up and keep myself on my toes. I enjoy to travel and more important than anything else, I try to avoid a daily routine as much as possible. This is probably why I decided in the early stages of my career that there is nothing better in the world for me, than working as a freelance photographer. Since then I have worked my way through numerous countries, different cultures and various religions. Whether it’s a traditional  wedding in the Austrian Alps, a celebrity wedding in the Parliament of Westminster, or an Indian ceremony in Tuscany, I love to see them all! Over the last eight years, I had the honour to witness the exchange of 124 rings, to celebrate with 62 couples and I worked through a countless number of images to create the perfect gallery for each and every client. I learnt from every opportunity and experience and every single job opened a door to a new world. I am absolutely obsessed with the possibilities that lay ahead and I can´t wait to get into new adventures.